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The Yubo App: Why Yubo Is a Great Application For Creating Friendships

The Yubo platform first found its way onto the internet in 2015 after it was developed by a group of friends in France. The development of the application focused on creating an experience for individuals to connect, unlike other social media platforms.

What makes Yubo different from the rest of the industry is that it is focused on creating friendships in a live environment where individuals who are online at the same time can connect and meet one another.

With a focus on developing new friendships rather than expanding old ones, Yubo fills a void left behind by many other online platforms. Let’s look closely at Yubo to learn more about it while familiarizing ourselves with the live-streaming concept.

Inside the World of Yubo

First and foremost, joining the world of Yubo requires individuals to submit a license for facial verification. If Yubo suspects an individual is not above the age necessary for the platform, they will be removed.

Yubo cares deeply about fostering a safe and friendly environment within which people can meet one another. With more than 95% of users on the platform existing in the Gen Z demographic, there is a particular focus on meeting the needs of those individuals.

One of Yubo’s most essential safety standards is its real-time audio and video moderation, introduced in 2022 for livestreams on the network. Human Safety Specialists are standing by while navigating reports that potentially go against Yubo’s Community Guidelines. In instances where they must intervene, Yubo’s Human Safety Specialists can step into the situation quickly to provide a solution.

All of the policies employed by Yubo were developed concerning professionals from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Thorn, and the Diana Award.

Having Fun Responsibly With Yubo

As activity on the platform scontinues to rise over the years, many folks wonder if Yubo is a dating platform. The simple answer is that Yubo is not a dating platform, and its owners never intend to become one.

To help individuals make friendships, Yubo seeks to “break the ice” by putting into play a bunch of ways for people to connect. From small group interactions in live streaming sessions to gaming sessions and audio chats, Yubo empowers its Gen Z users to enjoy the platform in their way and in their own time.

Throughout a user’s experience on Yubo, they will be inundated with reminders to operate safely while empowering themselves to make better decisions. Yubo writes on its website, “When connecting online, it is essential to be mindful that you may not be getting the complete picture of who someone you are talking to or befriending really is.”

Yubo goes on to advise all of its users to keep their personal information private. Additionally, Yubo makes it easy for users to report conduct that they find discomforting. With responsible social media moderators and an advanced set of Community Guidelines, Yubo is making social media safer for everyone.

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