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The Wow company is known for its TV cable service and high-speed Internet services. Without proper TV service and Internet connection, no home is complete. These are two pillars of modern lifestyle which one cannot do without. Internet is responsible for fuelling one online activity while TV provides a mode of relaxation. If you wish to opt for bundled packages, Wow is what you should opt for. Furthermore, you can also add a Wow phone connection to the TV and Internet package and turn it into a bundle package. This way, you will have to pay one single amount every month and get to avail Internet, TV, and phone services.

Wow bundle services

Small TV and Internet

  • Over 80 channels are available with free HD options.
  • The maximum download speed available in this case is 200 Mbps
  • The promo price is $54.99 per month, applicable for the first 12 months if you also decide to opt for auto-pay and paperless billing.

Medium TV and Internet

  • Over 130 channels are available with free HD options.
  • The maximum download speed available in this case is 200 Mbps.
  • The promo price is $104.99 per month, which is applicable for the first 12 months if you decide to opt for paperless billing and autopay.

Large TV and Internet

  • Over 160 channels are available with free HD options.
  • The maximum download speed available in this case is 500 Mbps.
  • The promo price is $129.99 per month that is applicable for the first 12 months. This is applicable if you also decide to opt for the auto-pay option and paperless billing.

The channel line-up of Wow TV

The Wow TV Guide has three channel line-ups. These three channel line-ups are small TV, medium TV, and large TV. Whether you opt for Wow TV+ or Wow cable TV, you can avail yourself of access to the three channel line-up tiers.

Suppose you do not have much dependence on TV. In that case, you can avail yourself access to the entertainment industry giants like CBS, NBC, ABC, and CW as part of the modest, economical, and simple Wow small TV package. On the other hand, if you wish to have more diversity, you should opt for the medium TV package. The medium TV package extends the line-up of small TV by including popular networks like AMC, Comedy Central, hallmark, Disney Channel etcetera. Suppose you have a large family or are big on TV watching. In that case, you should opt for the large TV option since it can offer sports channels, premium entertainment, and other big channels like Big Ten Network, NFL Network, Showtime, HBO, etcetera.

On-demand TV and paper view

If you choose to go with Wow TV, you can also get access to the on-demand library, which has thousands of titles. Common library access can be availed if the customer signs up for any services of Wow like Wow TV+ or Wow digital cable TV. In the on-demand section, you can select from various titles in various genres like music, sports events, family and kids, movies, etc. You have the option of staying up to date with the latest movies as soon as they are released to the Wow-on-demand section from the studio. Possibly the best part of the Wow on-demand TV is that the shows and movies can be watched when you want to, where you want to, and on your favorite device, be it PC TV, mobile, or tablet.

Along with the free content, you can also choose to opt for the on-demand titles from the networks that are not a part of the primary channel line-up. You can order, record or watch pay-per-view content wherever and whenever you want. The best part about the on-demand option of Wow TV is that the customers are allowed to watch the movie that they have ordered as many times as they want within 24 hours since the placement of the order. In the case of the pay-per-view content, the show must be watched at its scheduled time.

The on-screen guide and TV DVR

Wow also provides the option of TV DVR services to their customers so that they never miss their favorite shows. You can avail of the services of TV DVR by subscribing to either Wow TV plus or Wow digital cable. The DVR service of Wow allows the customers to record and watch their favorite shows on their own time. The customers of Wow have the option of choosing either the standard equipment or the HD equipment for DVR. The HD DVR is recommended by Wow since it provides the best experience in turning off forwarding, pausing, and recording live TV. The standard DVR is good for infrequent recordings as well as basic functions. The HD DVR allows customers should record two shows at once.

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