Safety Starts When Onboarding Onto the Yubo Platform

Yubo’s onboarding process shows that the platform prioritizes safety. Much like how boat cruises begin with an extensive safety review, Yubo has a safety overview as soon as users create accounts. There are multiple measures in place before someone can post or interact on the platform.

Agree to the Terms and Conditions

The first safety measure Yubo has is a standard terms and conditions requirement. All users must agree to the terms before they can create an account, just as is common practice on many other platforms.

Having a terms and conditions requirement is basic, but it’s still important. These terms explain what’s allowed on the platform, and they provide grounds for addressing users who violate the terms. The platform’s staff actively monitors accounts, investigates alleged violations, and takes action against users when appropriate.

Verify Age Through Artificial Intelligence

To prevent users from lying about their age to gain access, Yubo has installed an age verification system that uses artificial intelligence.

New users submit a picture and a short video of themselves. Artificial intelligence uses the video to verify that the picture is indeed authentic, and not pulled from some online source. AI then uses the picture to estimate the new user’s age, and confirm that the age they provided falls within the estimated range.

This innovative safety feature helps ensure that only users who are old enough can access the Yubo platform. It’s also used to determine whether a child or adult classification better applies to each account.

Block Content That’s Not Wanted

Once users go through Yubo’s terms and age verification, they have the option to further personalize their safety measures.

All users can block specific terms and emojis, in which case they won’t see the blocked items. This allows for a high degree of personalization, as users can stop themselves from seeing potentially upsetting content. Just because most people are comfortable with a certain category doesn’t mean that everyone is. Users don’t have to see whatever might unsettle them.

Setting up these blocks is simple and only takes a moment. The process also allows for almost anything to be blocked, as users can choose specific words and emojis. They don’t have to rely on predefined categories that posts might be classified into.

Continued Ongoing Safety Measures

After setting up the three safety measures that are available before posting or seeing content, users are well protected from a range of social media risks. Yubo continues to provide protection through computer and manual monitoring of content. Users can, of course, report content and adjust their blocked categories too.

About Yubo

Yubo launched in 2015 as a social media platform that’s focused on real-time interaction. The platform has grown to have over 60 million users across 40 countries, and is particularly popular among the younger Gen Z crowd. The platform is primarily used for one-to-few live stream conservations that mimic real-life

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