How Volume Can Benefit Healthcare and Legal SEO

Organizations in healthcare and legal benefit from quality SEO services just as their counterparts in any other industry. From basic SEO to full-blown digital and content marketing services, healthcare and legal organizations need to take advantage of every available opportunity to reach potential customers online. Volume can be a tremendous help in that regard.

Salt Lake City, Utah digital marketing agency Webtek Digital Marketing says that content volume isn’t as important as quality in most industries. But in healthcare and legal, volume is every bit as important.

Webtek says that the volume question is all about how Google perceives healthcare and legal websites. Healthcare and legal services are vast, complex, and difficult to understand. Not only that, but they also offer endless opportunities to search for information online. Google knows this. They want to see as much of that information as possible published on healthcare and legal websites.

A Library of Content Impresses

Google wants to see volume in the healthcare and legal sectors. Of course, they also want high quality content. It is not smart to skimp on quality just to build volume. Essentially, what you’re after is a library of content that is richly informative along with being accurate, authoritative, and relevant.

You are familiar with healthcare organizations like John Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic. The two organizations have excellent reputations among American consumers. Their websites also offer a ton of detailed content.

Google just about anything related to healthcare and you’ll find these two websites generally ranking well. Why? Because their sites offer volume, quality, and authority.

Your Site Can Compete

Do not believe the myth that your website cannot compete with the likes of John Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic. It can, if you or your SEO provider follows Google standards for content quality. You just need to combine that quality with volume.

You don’t have to match the Mayo Clinic’s volume, by the way. What does your organization specialize in? Perhaps you operate a local private practice specializing in pain management. Build a library of content around that specialty. You do not have to worry about anything else. If your content can compete with the Mayo Clinic’s similar content in quality and volume, your site will do fine.

Volume and Quality for Legal

The same principles discussed in a healthcare scenario also apply to legal. The law is a very detailed and complex enterprise that most people struggle with. When they search for answers to their legal questions, web users want detailed information written in language they understand.

Google wants legal sites to offer libraries of content just like their healthcare counterparts. But again, your website doesn’t have to be all things to all people. Focus on whatever the organization specializes in. If you are building a website for an attorney whose specialty is DUI, build a library of content around that particular topic. Make it a comprehensive library with a ton of detailed and accurate information.

Remember that volume is your friend inasmuch as it offers more answers to more questions web users might have. The more questions your website answers, the better your site should rank. Also remember that increasing volume means updating your website. We all know how Google responds to updated content. Google loves updates.

In most industries, content volume is not as important as content quality. But in healthcare and legal, volume is every bit as important. Building a library of content goes a long way toward helping healthcare and legal websites dominate organic searches. If you are in healthcare or legal, Google is looking at your content volume as well as its quality.

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