Exploring The New Way Of Officially Meeting With Virtual Agm Singapore

The world changed in November of 2019. This was the time when the first case of coronavirus was found in the industrial city of Wuhan, China. The origins of the coronavirus are still disputed. It is said that the Chinese virus had its origins in the wet food market of Wuhan, but wherever its origins were, the effect of the virus was very, really real. Its effects were felt by almost every person on the planet either directly or indirectly.

The need for online services

To curb the effects and spread of the virus, many governments worldwide imposed a strict lockdown in their respective countries, because of which entire cities all around the world came to a standstill. Nobody was coming out of their homes, and almost everything was being done from home itself.

The efficiency of online polling

Even work, which was thought of as an outward thing, was started being through homes. Almost every industry worldwide imposed some kind of work from home scenarios to curb the spread of the virus. Even an important meeting which was considered to be done only in-person was now done through online mode. One such example is the virtual AGM.

AGM is known as the annual general meeting, a meeting of all the shareholders of a company. Due to the Chinese virus, these also started being conducted through online mode. . in Singapore, the government passed the Virtual AGM Singapore rule in which companies could now hold AGM in virtual mode. But before selecting a platform for their AGMs, a company should look out for:

  • Their safety and security should be top-notch
  • The quality of the meeting and the management of it should be pretty easy
  • Their customer care should always be available.

Sum up

So before choosing a platform for AGM, one should look out for these points.

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