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What results from the confluence of excellent leadership and personnel? A successful company. An effective HR team is one of the most crucial aspects of getting there. How can you make day-to-day work and paperwork easier for your HR teams? Simple. The first step is implementing an eSignature solution for Human Resources, making it easy for them to focus on their job while eliminating all the manual work.

What part does HR contract management software play?

Automated workflows have been found to boost productivity and enhance overall company performance. This is hardly breaking news. However, Forbes claims that automation tools can support HR by allowing them to focus on essential issues. The growing need for HR contract management software is further evidence of this.

Software for HR contract management: What is it? It is the technology that enables you to automate much of the manual contract-related tasks that you currently do. This covers the entire process, from contract creation through contract approval. And by utilizing the eSignature solution for HR, you’re benefiting from one of the critical features of this form of automation.

Resources for human development: A place for new beginnings

There may never be absolute certainty. However, stability may be.

People want and seek solutions when faced with uncertainty. Human resource organizations wishing to offer a comfortable level of consistency to all employees—past, present, and future—can get the tools they need from Signeasy.

No more manual followups

By providing timely responses and insightful updates, you can lessen the uncertainty that both hiring managers and candidates experience. Letters of offers. Employment contracts. NDAs. You won’t leave hiring managers or candidates in the dark with Signeasy!

Taking care of legal aspects

HR departments have a lot of legal and regulatory obligations; timely, precise, and secure paperwork is essential. With Signeasy, you can do away with late, inaccurate, or missing documentation. It gives you the transparency you deserve.

Making remote work easy

The world, work, and roles are all changing. HR is responsible for navigating sudden transitions to remote work and personnel realignments. Print-scan-fax was always a bottleneck, but volume and unpredictability have made it worse. Use Signeasy to lessen the difficulty of moving staff to remote work or a different opportunity.

How can eSignature technology streamline HR tasks and procedures?

Employee signatures are typically required on a large portion of the paperwork for which human resources is accountable. These forms meant that HR personnel had to maintain stacks of physical papers before eSignatures. But with eSignatures, HR can easily sign and collect signatures on onboarding documents, employee notices, and benefit registration forms within hours, if not minutes.

Once submitted, the documentation and signatures are saved electronically rather than on paper. Administrators can boost management efficiency for human resources by utilizing this technology, and as a result, they may gain:

  • Shorter time to reach maximum productivity
  • Less disruption
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Automatic recording


Did you know that the typical employee must sign three documents and carry out administrative duties throughout the onboarding process? If you carry out this procedure by hand, your HR team will spend countless hours making sure that each new hire has the following:

  • Signed the required documents and agreements
  • Received IT logins
  • Undergone welcome training
  • Reviewed all the data on employee benefits
  • Submitted bank details

If this procedure is carried out manually, there is a good probability that it will get derailed or that the new employee will take time to complete all the necessary paperwork.

HR teams can reduce the time required to manually get these signatures and remove risks of human mistakes by simplifying the process with a native eSignature solution for human resources like Signeasy.

To keep the onboarding procedures moving along, they can dynamically develop and automate papers that need to be signed and start and stop workflows before and after a signature is obtained.

Acknowledgment statements

Employees must sign several acknowledgments, including the employee handbook, to show they have read and comprehended your policies. Suppose these documents are physically signed and submitted. In that case, HR employees will have to go through the tiresome process of manually ensuring that they were completed correctly and complied with the organization’s policies.

With the help of automation and eSignature solution for human resources from Signeasy, your HR department can ensure that papers are saved to a central location, enabling instant file retrieval and a digital audit trail that makes staying compliant simple.


Paper timesheets frequently lead to human mistakes in the tracking and entry of hours, which can lead to painful payroll mismatches. One of the fundamental requirements of doing business is ensuring that employees are paid fairly and on time and that they continue to be pleased.

An automated approach using Signeasy to collect employee time logs and then digitally sign off could help ensure that HR never again experiences a payroll problem.


eSignatures and automated HR technologies can help the human resources division reclaim hours. Instead of devoting a considerable amount of time each week to processing paper forms, performing tedious data entry, or looking for physical signatures, your HR staff might use that time to interact with workers and improve the workplace environment.

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