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Easy Ways to Help You Reset Your WordPress Account

Though WordPress is a trusted and reliable platform, sometimes things even go wrong at the time of using it. You need to redesign it, overhaul it, or want to start everything again. In such situations, you may get tempted to click on the ‘Reset’ button, hoping that it will solve all the issues.

This post will tell you scenarios when you should need to use the reset functionality provided by WhatsApp.

When you wish to delete all the content

Resetting your website implies removing all that content that you have added to it. This happens in those cases when you realize that neither your blog posts nor pages are meeting the requirements of the readers.

So, you want to start afresh. In that case, you do not actually need to fully reset your WordPress but can delete all the content present on it. MetaPress is one of the most recognized and credible online resources to create a website.

If you want to redesign your website

If redesigning your website is on your mind, then it doesn’t need deleting anything from the existing website. Instead, you will require developing or installing a brand-new theme for the new design.

It will modify the manner in which your existing web content will be displayed. If you wish to update the content, then it will be easier for you to add a brand-new theme to your current website, than to build a fully new website.

If the website has got hacked or crashed

So, if you find that your website has stopped working, then there can be chances that it may have got hacked. It can be something that went wrong post updating your plugins, and themes of WordPress. Instead, now is the right time to restore your website from the previous backup that you had taken prior to getting it compromised.

Choose the website in the sites section, and then choose Backups. Once you found the right backup, you can then click on “Restore to Live” to restore your website to its backup state.


So, in this article, we have discussed several methods that can be used to reset WordPress. Based on the reason for which you want to reset the website, you can range from minor deletion of pages and posts to complete removal of the WordPress install and replace it by a new one. Before resetting your WordPress, ensure that you know the purpose why it has been done. This way you will be in the right position to select the right method.

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