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Becoming A Social Media Specialist: All You Need To Know!

Even a decade back, the role of a ‘social media specialist’ wasn’t relevant in most organizations. Things have changed drastically in recent years, and today, no PR, advertising, and marketing campaign is complete without social media. What does a social media coordinator do? If you are interested in a career in social media, below is a guide to the basics for your help.

The role of a social media expert/coordinator

As the name indicates, social media coordinators are responsible for utilizing social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, for branding and marketing goals. These coordinators and experts are expected to know everything that’s viral and trending on social media, and they must be capable of establishing and managing content on different platforms. They also plan media strategy and are responsible for maintaining a healthy relationship with fans and followers, with the intention of expanding a brand’s outreach. Social media coordinators also analyze the market, create content for meeting customer needs, and ensure that the work done by the marketing team is in sync with the trends.

How much do social media experts earn?

It depends on the role and work profile of the social media expert, but expect somewhere more than $50,000 per year for lucrative roles. Startups and new companies will pay a lot lesser, and at the least, you can expect somewhere around $20,000 per year.

What are the basic requirements?

Many media schools now offer courses for social media experts¸ so you can consider joining one. Having formal training and a certificate do help in getting the first job. All social media experts are good at communication and they know the pulse of the social media platforms. They must have some experience in curating, creating and managing content, and a lot of learning happens on the job.

Other things to know

If you want to take up the role of a social media expert, be aware of the demanding nature of this job. Most social media specialists work within the four walls of a company, but they may have to travel and take their marketing game to the next level. If you are creating content for YouTube, you are expected to have good camera presence and some experience in broadcasting.

Most importantly, you need to have an eye for detail and must be capable of milking opportunities for your brand. Check online for media schools to find courses.

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